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Mind Operated Systems (MOS) was founded in 2009 and is active in the IT sector.

Years of experience studying, designing, purchasing, installing, supporting and maintaining complete solutions make it a reliable partner for your business.

Mind Operated Systems (MOS) has established long-term relationships of trust with its customers.

The Mind Operated Systems (MOS) team combines high expertise and years of experience.

Its aim is the continuous upgrade of services, customer satisfaction  and users, providing them with training, solving daily problems, optimizing procedures and secure access.

The priority of our team is to be constantly informed about technological developments, to grow constantly and to be able to support every demand of your business.

We are active in delivering end-to-end business solutions, systems applications, internet/intranet, product development, and the delivery of communications management and network services.


Mind Operated Systems


Ethn. Makariou Str. 83, 17235 , Dafni, Athens


0030 210 9769394


[email protected]